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Call of Dudesthulhu

Post by Ivanovich »

This is the main thread for discussions about the upcoming Lovecraftian horror themed Dudes of Legend game. The starting location will be Portsmouth, NH. A sleepy tourist/fishing town on the Boarder of Maine and New Hampshire and not far from the border of Massachusetts. All characters should represent a common horror trope or have a horror theme. Things like Jason Voorhees, Freddie Krueger, Danny Torrence (old of young), and Carrie are good examples of character concepts. They aren't required to be a direct representation of characters from media, but can easily take inspiration from them.

Please post your character concept, brief history, templates. You don't have to necessarily have to start in Portsmouth, but your concept should make it easy enough for your character to relocate or travel to Portsmouth easily. Feel free to post questions about the game as well.

At this time there is no clear start date for this game. It will be played on Sat evenings on opposite weekends to the Sunday game.

Edit: Several players have already expressed interest in being various takes on creepy or troubled kids. As such it would be great, but not required for people to have something along that same vein of thinking. The idea being a group of kids with a rough past who find a mentor/protector in Freddy, whose just trying to get his groove back.
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Call of Dudesthulhu: Lost Little Alice

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I’ll kick off with some back story:

Little Alice had nice parents and they loved her...they just don’t know what to do with her now. When Alice’s family needed a loan, an old family friend, Wei, stepped in with cash, and a small request. His middle grandson passed away and will be alone in the afterlife. Couldn’t an old friend help Wei provide a ‘bride’ and give peace to the man’s grieving daughter? It was just an old cultural tradition anyway.

It seemed to work. Wei Li’s family was happy, but then Alice disappeared. Everyone helped search...for months.

But she is back now! A little traumatized, and the psychiatrists are sure she’ll get better with a little change of scenery. But, her father is sure that was grave dirt in her hair when they found her...and that glowing light in her eyes is new.

Dudes character templates:
Hybrid (KotE and Promethean)/Dangerous Schoolgirl
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