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Dragon Hoard

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I gave the dragon 9 epic item drops. The 3.5 dmg for random loot above level 20 you add an increasing amout of extra wounderous items. The chart in the book goes until 30 where you add 42 extra wounderous items. If you extrapolite it would be around 500 items for the dragons cr. I just stopped at 42.

Gold and Art Items
750,000 gp worth (Just made up this number)

Epic Items

+10 Mithral Heavy Shield
+5 Aberration Dread Lightning Blast Rapier
+7 Nuchaku
Staff of Rapid Barrage
Ring of Rapid Healing
Ring of Epic Wizardy (IX)
Bracers of Epic Health +12
Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance
Epic Might Rod

Normal Magic Items


50 +5 Flaming Burst Unholy Arrows
+3 Greataxe
+3 Longsword
+4 Shocking Burst Speed Shortsword
Luckblade (3 Wishes)


+3 Buckler
Absorbing Shield
+4 Shadow Studded Leather


Ring of Universal Resistance (Major)
Ring of Spell Turning
Ring of Spell Storing (Major)
Spirtulist Rings


Staff of Life
Staff of Heaven and Earth
Staff of Wings
Staff of Nethys
Quiema’s Branch
Vrill Staff
Runestaff of Forced Happiness
Staff of Healing (Cursed user is deluded into believing that it works, has no actual effect)


Caduceus Rod
Rod of Shadows
Greater Rod of Stygian
Scepter of Heaven
Greater Rod of Burning
Greater Rod of Fearsome
Normal Rod of Maximize
Rod of Revolution (Intelligent)
LG Speech 60 ft darkvision and hearing
Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16
detect magic at will
10 ranks of intimidate
10 ranks in perception

Wonderous Items

Smuggler’s Collapsible Robe
Mantle of the Faithful Vessel
Cubic Gate
Emerald Ellipsoid (Ioun Stone)
Necklace of Lovelies
Psychoactive Skin of Fiery Response
Eternal Egg
Eyes of Charming
+7 Bracers of Armor
Helm of Brilliance
Instant Fortress
Third Eye Conceal
Cloak of Quick Reflexes +5
Quintessence Golem Manual
Out there somewhere there is a Tarrasque eating delicious epic corn waiting to start a journey...
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