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Character Legacy / primary spheres

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Cheyne/Danny: custom stuff that needs to be revamped, Spheres: Forces/Prime/Mind

Angela/Light: Uncrowned kings with the akishic brotherhood, Spheres: Death/Matter/Mind

Paul/Dark: Brotherhood of the Demon Wind Akishic Brotherhood, Spheres: Space/Time/Mind

Steven/Ezra: The Pygmalian Society w/Cult of Ecstasy, Spheres: Fate/Mind/Time

Adam/Gordon: (legacy), Spheres: Spirit/Life/Prime

Temple: Storm Keeper w/ the Verbina, Spheres: Time/Fate/Forces

Gideon/Dartsmoth: Neocologist w/ Dreamspeakers, Spheres: Spirit/Life, Gideon gets an extra discount on spirit sphere buying, and a mystery bonus or Matter as a 3rd primary sphere. It is more likely he will take the 1st package.

If any of this changes let me know because your mentors will be part of upcoming plot.
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Re: Character Legacy / primary spheres

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This thread is now sticky for ease of reference. Note that it needs updated... Angela is totally different now. I don't know the legacies for Adam and S.
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Re: Character Legacy / primary spheres

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Edited in the correct info for my character.
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