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Additional and Alternate Rules

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The game will utilize the INFLUENCE and DOWNTIME mechanics from the recently released and updated MET rules. More details available upon request.

Other changing breeds are playable, subject to Storyteller approval. Playing an alternate changing breed costs 5 merit points for breeds in line with game themes and native to the area of Southern Texas (coyote, nuwisha). Playing more exotic fera costs 7 merit points (kitsune, non-native Bastet), or are banned outright (Zhong Lung, Ananasi).

Experience (xp) is awarded at the end of each session, and a bonus is given at the end of summer. Xp breakdown is as follows:
4xp - showing up
1xp - sacrificing time/effort/money to enhance game experience (buying food, providing venue, etc.)
1xp - dressing in character
1xp - outstanding roleplay moments
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