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Marvel: Legacies - Endings, and New Beginnings

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Upon visiting the panopticron and discussing the situation with Sage of the Exiles, the team was dismayed to learn that their universe was doomed, another victim of the Cancerverse. Refusing to believe there was nothing they could do, they returned to their own reality, resumed collecting the Infinity Gems, and hunted down the Beyonder to seek out his aid in the coming battle against the invaders. He bestowed his mercurial blessing on the young women before sending them to the Fault to aid the other defenders of the galaxy.

At the Fault, the team fought to prevent further incursion from the alternate universe, but several members were pulled in by Thanos, and the others were left with little choice but to follow.

On the other side, they found Thanos waiting. While the rest of the universe was taken by surprise, Thanos was preparing for this moment. He took the gems from the team and placed them in a device that created and stabilized a pocket reality merging Universe 616 and the Cancerverse, allowing Death to exist within it.

As the pocket reality stabilized, the Revengers attacked. The team battled against the mutated heroes of the Cancerverse, but were severely outnumbered. With their strength waning, Providence simultaneously impaled both Miss America and Ragnarok, hoping to catalyze the Death and Rebirth of the Cancerverse. Aurora, Singularity and Amber fought to defend their fallen teammates as they yet again looked to Providence with confusion and betrayal.

The power of Asgard flowed out of Ragnarok, lashing out at the corrupt defenders of the Cancerverse and granting Aurora the power of Thor Girl once more. Miss America's spirit fled to the White Hot Room where her mother revealed that Sarah was never real, at least in a material sense. Miss America was a tulpa, thought given form, born of Steve Roger's idealism and the Phoenix's boundless font of passion and creation.

Sarah emerged from the White Hot Room at one with the Phoenix, even as a mortally wounded Ragnarok assumed the throne of death and Singularity shattered Thanos' Infinity Engine, leading to a final revelation: none but Aurora, the Witness, were who they seemed. Miss America was already revealed as a grand tulpa that housed the Phoenix. Ragnarok was never "alive", having been a stillborn confluence of mythic power and arcane energies bound by the curse of undeath and given unatural vigor by her mutant progenitor. Singularity, daughter of the Scarlet Witch, was in actuality her own mother, psyche stabilized by taking on a new identity... The world mind knew all along, as did her "father" Richard, Nova Prime. Amber, mutant and heir to the Inhuman throne, was in truth a being much like the Beyonder, her transformation catalyzed by the interaction of the Teragen Mists with her mutant Inhuman genome; her child's mind was incapable of dealing with the concept of omnipotence, and thus repressed her power, allowing it to manifest only in controlled bursts at appropriate points in time. Even Providence was not what she seemed; her full nature was unclear, but she was clearly a being formed of the hyperspatial energies her mother wielded, combined with the vast psionic powers of her father and linked to the fate of humanity... perhaps even reality... by Nate Grey's shamanic legacy.

In the moment of revelation, the group claimed their mantles as the cosmic forces of reality. They became the Promial gods of the Cancerverse, destroying it and remaking it in the same instant. Amber, now a Beyonder and equal to the Many Angled ones, held the creatures at bay as the Sarah-Phoenix burned away the corrupted life. Ragnarok, now Death, claimed the souls of the Universe, as Pietra-Wanda shifted and reformed reality. Providence reached beyond time and space to stabilize the borders of reality, and set time in motion anew. Aurora, Bearer of Power and Witness to creation, watched in awe as a universe was remade, her own consciousness and artifacts stabilizing the act of creation and destruction.

When the great work was complete, the group was forever changed, becoming the firmament of a new universe. But in a timeless moment, they realized that there was something remaining, something incomplete, something without which they would be lessened... Shattering off avatars of themselves, young women identical to those they once were, the Promeals sent a piece of themselves into their old universe, carrying Aurora with them. They would experience life anew through their avatars, and remember the beings they once were.
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