To remember those that are gone.
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R. I. P.

Post by rydi »

Chris "Thael" Steward
You are missed.

You created a verb

Main Entry:
Modern English
1: To fall asleep in the middle of an event
2: To suck horribly
Syn: "ur doin it wrong"

You snoring and sleep-talking amused us.
Your obstinate nature, which killed you, angered us. Mainly because it killed you, but also because it made you difficult to educate or motivate.
Your murder-through-inaction of Merl was inspired. Eaten by a dinosaur, carried off into the woods, finally cut his way out, and then eaten by its mate as he slid out... and all because your invulnerable character wanted to throw knives instead of killing the critters in a few hits. Glorious.
Your lack of transportation was both irritating, and amusing. Where did your money go?
You always had something positive to say about people you knew, even when others were talking bad about them (which confused and amazed me, and was admirable).
You never played a new character once, and you hated roleplaying but did it with us constantly (I'm sorry we never gave you a truly inspired roll-playing game... then again you did play in the Tower... there was a great deal of rolling there). Thank you. I think.
You were a fun guy to have around.
Sorry we couldn't have helped you more, in the hospital, and in general.

R.I.P. man, and remember, don't accept offers from elder gods. They never turn out well.
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Post by Amseriah »

I can't recall how many times I saw you walking to or from someplace (even sw 15th st of all the damned places) and stopped to give you a ride. Even though at times your lack of transportation was agravating you always paid for food or something afterwards I guess feeling indebted to those of us with a vehicle. I know that we will never know much about your past but I think that you showed us your genuine self and I will always remember that.

You will be sorely missed.
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Post by Rusty »

Thank you for turning three into four with your snoozing presence, so that cheyne will play.

He won't play in a group of three, plus thael makes four, then thael sleeps, but we play anyway.

I will carry your cross and use your watch in my practice.

BTW... told ya so.
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Post by angelicyokai »

I didn't know you well, and only met you about twice, but if you matter to people who rock as much as the previous posters do, then you must have been something. Good to have met you around Cheyne's wedding.
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Post by Liquidprism »

He Thael'd the final Thael, and his last party was his best.
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Post by Paul Gilmore »

Thael you will be missed..

I will still call your name when I need more alcohol

I am glad that i hooked your brother up with pixie and not you, you would have died sooner.

I will never forget that party we had at my house, you went into the bathroom and stayed in there so long we forgot you were still here, until at 4am you decided to join the conversation while still sitting on the bathroom toilet and scared the shit out of all of us that you were still here. Then the next morning we found some half eaten stale bread on top of the toilet and knew what you were up to all night :)

A sweet guy, I'm glad to have known you.
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Post by Nintendroid »

Dude, I always found it difficult to relate to you on a serious level, but when the laughs started rolling, you were always there to pitch in. The power of humor is great and whether or not you recognized that, it empowers us all. Sometimes, to laugh and get an awkward moment to pass, or even die, or perhaps if a case of seriousness had broken out, humor would carry us on. Thank you thael, for laughing when you understood, when you didn't and making everyone else laugh when a camera was pointed at you. I find myself wishing I knew you better, but maybe blind negligance kept me safe from the pain in your life, old or new, you seemed to like to shoulder it on your own. Till next time we meet, you will always be missed.
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Post by Thael »

Hey thanks guys!

If someone will pick me up for the Amber game I'll buy pizza!
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